Your Daughter’s Sweet 16: Ideas She’ll Love

As your precious daughter turns 16, you want to throw her an unforgettable party that she'll reminisce about for years to come. Planning for teenagers is easier said than done, however. Check out these tips for throwing a party that will give your daughter joyful lifelong memories of her sweet 16.

Get Her Input

It's simple but so easy to forget - ask your daughter what type of sweet 16 party she wants, and go from there. It can be easy to think about what kind of party you would have wanted as a teen, but your daughter's preferences may be very different. While you might imagine an extravagant blowout, she may want a small gathering of close friends. Involving your daughter in the planning process increases the chance that she'll have a great time at her birthday bash.

Celebrate What Makes Her Unique

Whether you choose to do a themed party or just have touches of her favorite things, celebrating the things that make her unique can create an entertaining party environment that she'll adore. Whether there's a particular band, tv show, celebrity, or sport she loves, hone in on her interests and find ways to incorporate them into the party.

Consider Going No-Gift

Today's generation of teens are more civic-minded than ever, and there's a decent chance that your daughter would prefer to have people make charitable donations in her name rather than bring a physical gift. Talk with your daughter to learn if this is something she might be interested in, and work with her to choose a charity that matches her interests and beliefs.

Create An Experience

If you and your daughter decide that you'd like to do something other than the traditional blowout bash for her sweet 16, an experience can be a fun, unique way to celebrate her birthday. Ziplining, spending a weekend away in a new city, seeing a play with friends, or checking out a new amusement park can all be exciting experiences that take the place of a formal celebration.

Chat With Her Friends

You want to find out what your daughter would like for her party, but privately check in with her friends too. Together, you can plan a few surprises for her sweet 16 that she'll love. The surprise in and of itself will wow her, but knowing that you and her friends joined forces to do something for her special day will warm her heart.

Don't Forget The Food

Go all out for her celebration by making (or ordering!) her favorite for party guests. She'll feel celebrated as she's surrounded by something she loves, and she'll know how much you care as she sees you going the extra mile to make sure she and her friends have plenty of their favorite treats. Asking your daughter to participate in planning the menu for the party can be a fun way for you to bond and plan together.

No matter what route your daughter wants to go to celebrate her sweet 16, she'll love that you're taking the time to celebrate her.


This article was originally published on DearAva.