I create, you create and we create in a constant way seeking for a new fashion trend, a new fashion idea. For me creativity is a concept above creating; it is a whole idea of imagination.  You imagine, you create and you innovate. Sustainability stands out for many societal challenges. Also, it is a creative process in order to create the fashion trend or idea. We often follow the new fashion trend. However, how about when we question our creativity when we innovate?

Taking into account that we live in a society concerned with social and environmental sustainability; it make sense to reproach the creativity in the slow fashion movement. Who said that sustainable is not creative?

When it is about to alternate creativity and responsible innovation, therefore, reproaching the fashion industry as long as we know that in order to require success we need a high level of creativity.

For instance, you would like to take an outfit for a creative Instagram feed. You take the first one, you might not like it. You take the second one, you might not like it. You take the third one you might not like it, three tentative in vain. It is not at the right level of your imagination. The better option would be to take too many then select the one that matches with your expectations. However, the tentative might fail.

In the context of innovation: let’s discuss the innovation of a product. It would be the first design, the second, the third at the end the last tentative that matches with your expectations, Also, the customers expectation. There are many steps in order to make that design: The material (which  Eco-friendly material selected), the style, the creative touch. So it is a whole to think about in order to make the ONE.

As a designer having all the processes in hand, by this way satisfying the need of the Eco-consumer is relevant.  Therefore, not only it exceeds the needs but also it makes the difference.

How you get there?

First: Knowing about the concept of responsible innovation and apply it in your creative context.

Second: Creativity, talent and passion have no limits. You stand out for the environment and you stand out for the difference.

Finally: Alternate creativity in your innovation.

I try to simplify the concept of responsible innovation for you in order to achieve your higher potential in the slow fashion movement. It is obvious above your talent; you need to make it as a whole package of learning, knowledge in order to alternate your creativity with responsibility.


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