What should you do if your store got burgled? Important Tips

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Locksmith Service

When a burglar breaks in your store where you keep your inventory or any valuable stock, it can be a devastating fearful event. This is the reason why you should take care of securing your store to prevent burglary. Most of the time, when a burglar breaks in a store, he kicks in the door breaking the door wide open.

For many people, the current burglary event is the first time in life. For this reason, they don’t know what to do! You might be in shock, therefore we recommend you to call someone you trust for support. Friends and family definitely can help.


The first thing that you should do is call the police! Do not touch anything around to. Do not fix anything or arrange the store before the cops arrive at your store. The cops will take photos and fingerprints trying to identify the criminals.

The cops will ask you if anything was stolen from your store, maybe the keys to your car? Make a list of all the stolen belongings and assets, make sure to tell the cops if anything is trackable. This will help the police to identify the criminals, as well as helping you when you contact your insurer.

Does the burglar steal your wallet or credit/debit cards? You may contact your bank and your credit card providers in order to cancel stolen cards and to replace them with new cards. Better safe than sorry, you better cancel your credit cards before someone else uses them.

Call Silver Eagle Locksmith Henderson NV as soon as possible and we will send our burglary repair specialists to your store. We provide emergency burglary repair services to store owners, as well as apartment owners. Call us for fast break-in repair in Nevada and the surrounding areas.


Silver Eagle Locksmith Henderson NV is a leading locksmith company in Nevada. We provide emergency locksmith service such as door repair, frame repair, and lock repair. As a professional locksmith company, we can repair any lock and door hardware that you might have in your store.

Additionally to locksmithing, we also repair doors and door frames when one of our customers gets burgled. We provide an emergency break-in repair while other door companies don’t! Many times we have heard that the customer needs to wait 3-4 months in order to repair burglary damage. This is not the case with Silver Eagle Locksmith Henderson NV! We arrive on the same day as your call.

Call our door repair specialists for an estimate. We will send our door experts to furnish a unique design to the damage on your door after a burglary. So if you ask yourself What Can You Do If You Got Burgled, call Silver Eagle Locksmith Henderson NV!

We hope we could help with the aftermath of a burglary in your store. Our locksmiths are ready to help with replacing your locks or boarding up damaged door and frame after a break-in.

How to Keep your Home Safe from Burglars

There are several techniques to enhance your home's safety without having to spend a lot. Below are a few strategies to keep your home burglar-resistant.

Securing Your Sliding Glass Patio Doors

For sliding glass doors, the best way to fasten sliding glass doors by utilizing a latch. But, latches aren't enough as it is readily opened from the exterior. For sliding glass doors, the ideal approach to protect them is by restricting their motion by simply sticking a rod into its own track. You might even incorporate a track-blocker or other blocking devices. This safety measure works, though, in the event that you've got those newer sliding glass doors.

For elderly sliding glass doors, lifting the glass will leave the blocking device worthless. In case you've got the capacity to accomplish this, place a highly familiar security hint or stickers on the glass door like an alarm system or a large, black, poor dog. Who'd want to attempt to tame a large barking dog or attempt to silence an alert?

Assess the latch mechanism constantly and be certain that it's correctly adjusted and in good shape. The rollers of the sliding door need to be check frequently too. For elderly sliding doors, add an anti-lift apparatus. Last, put a visible decal onto your own glass window as "these premises under video surveillance," or "that house is protected by a house alarm."

Installing Alarm Systems

Installing a house alarm system will surely reduce the possibility of being targeted by thieves. In case you've got signage regarding your alarm system's accessibility, it is going to make burglars and thieves think twice before trying to break your doorway. To make it even more successful, you may add an audible noise to its preferences to ensure that if triggered, it won't only notify your alarm business but your neighbors. Bear in mind this in the event the alarm is triggered. Your alarm company will contact you, so be certain that you give them your most recent number and finally, teach your trusted neighbor about what to do if the alarm is triggered and you aren't in the home. Be certain that you place the reset of your alert if it has triggered so that it could stop beeping after the police came.

Installing Home-Safes

To your hard to substitute things and even valuable jewelry and coins that are rare, a house safe is a cheap solution. A house safe can safeguard your important belongings not just from thieves but also from flood and fire. The simple fact that the cost of house safes are currently falling, this really is actually the very best time to spend on it. To get a house secure, make it a habit to modify your code frequently enjoy it every three weeks or so. Installing it in areas away in the bedroom and cabinets can also be advisable since people are the first areas that thieves look for when attempting to locate a safe.