What Are The Benefits Of Compression Socks?



There are many benefits to wearing compression socks. In this article, we’ll dive into the different benefits of compression socks. 


While many may think that compression socks are just used for medically relevant conditions, it's coming to light that there are more and more benefits and reasons to wear compression socks. Whether you use compression socks, stockings for support, or compression stockings, odds are you're referring to the sort of merchandise. Considering all the styles, fabrics, and colors available, it's become easier to wear compression socks daily when wearing those special garments without looking obvious. For instance, compression socks come in colors such as khaki, navy, or black and compression socks worn by men are made to seem like regular men's dress socks. Whether man or woman, young or older, compression socks can help increase blood flow throughout your body, which helps enhance your energy levels and reduce tiredness, swelling, or soreness in your legs and body.  


Compression socks are worn to increase blood flow in your legs. Specially fitted compression socks are tight at the feet with a loose fit on the leg, which helps to move blood up your legs. This type of compression helps to fight the effects of gravity and assist the body in flowing blood back up to the heart.


Here are just a few of the benefits of wearing compression socks:


For Travel

Traveling, whether it be by plane or car, long or short trips, there are a variety of benefits to wearing compression socks during your commutes. There’s even a term called “economy class syndrome” that refers to the increased risk of blood clots after sitting in the same, tight positions for an extended period of time. Wearing compression socks during travel has been shown to help reduce the risk of developing blood clots or DVT. Plus, the increased circulation brought on by compression socks can help lessen the feeling of restless legs, achiness, and post-travel soreness. Keep in mind if you are sleeping or lying down for long periods of time, you may want to remove your compression socks but do check with your doctor about wearing compression socks when sleeping or lying down.


Helps Those Who Stand A Lot For Work

If you have a job that entails sitting or standing in the same place for extended periods of time then wearing compressions socks is something that should be considered. The graduated pressure that compression socks provide helps bring relief to tired, painful feet and legs. As mentioned above, there are compression socks available for men that look very similar to the ordinary socks rather than stockings so you can wear them to work every day. It's important to ask your doctor to make sure there isn’t a limit to the amount of consecutive time you can wear your compression socks during the day. Sometimes, wearing the compression socks more then the amount of the time recommended by your doctor can make your symptoms worse or lead to other complications. You could also wear compression socks all day long to maintain a healthy increase in circulation and ward off swelling, blood clots or muscle fatigue.


For Athletes

Runners and athletes alike of all sorts are catching on to the benefits of wearing compression socks during workouts, training, and recovery. While the pressure helps improve circulation, tech fibers and materials for compression socks offer support for your feet, ankles, calves, and thighs. This allows for faster recovery during workouts and decreased muscle fatigue. Compression socks feature foot soles that are padded for extra-breathable fibers and relaxation for moisture management and warmth.  


For Pregnant Women

For years now, pregnant women all over the world have enjoyed wearing maternity compression socks because of the fact they help prevent varicose veins brought on by women during pregnancy. Maternity compression socks can also help with other ailments that come about with the increased strain on an expectant mother’s circulation system. Swelling, leg cramps, and general leg achiness that take place are common in pregnancy but can be eased through the use of compression socks. The extra boost in circulation provided by the compression socks can help to energize tired and achy legs, while also helping to relieve the “heaviness” many moms-to-be experiences in the lower half of their bodies.


There are no rules stating that you must have the negative symptoms relieved by compression socks before you can start wearing them, but you should check with your doctor. 


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