Transpire Ethical Home: Go Green With Your Furniture Using These Approach

You deeply care about our environment, thoughtfully practice the value of sustainability and considering the budget-friendly feature to all things. Plus, you may already do your role to follow an eco-friendly lifestyle, whether it means of taking a shorter shower to save water, biking going to the office rather than driving, or using and recycling energy saving bulbs.

But, as you're mastering these steps toward a greener lifestyle, you probably want to do more such as applying green practices to your entire home, particularly in your furniture.

Here, you'll find tips on making an eco-friendly home, which will end up in a more long-lasting investment, defend your health and of our planet as well, and a chance to create a high social impact while offering luxury and pleasing designs.

Cast the Furniture’s Durability

The green and eco-friendly furniture are the ones which warehouses are away from the landfills. Thus, there’s something to be spoken about investing in a high-quality furniture piece that is built to last.

For example, think about your grandparents’ dining sets that are probably still durable even for generations. Hence, by buying less and spending a little more money on high-quality furniture will save you and the environment as well in the long run.

Opt for Products with Recycled Materials

Recycling materials may require less preparation, and unlike in producing new materials, it only needs fewer resources. Purchasing products that are from recycled materials help to promote the market for the recycled resources.

Also, being aware of what “recyclable” actually means is essential. Thus, look for products with the certification from Cradle to Cradle, and avoid those "monstrous hybrid" products, since they are prone to recycling inappropriately.

Love those Pre-owned

Have this one to consider; try to acquire used furniture from different thrift shops, or at any garage sale. Buying secondhand furniture means that you won’t use any new materials by acquiring a lightly used item, though you may use a few resources to give it a new look.

Further, purchasing pre-owned furniture also prevents those large pieces from being dumped in landfills, where they will undoubtedly end up if their owners won't find them a new home.

Go with Bamboo

Another tip towards buying eco-friendly furniture, consider choosing furnishings made up of bamboo materials. For one thing, bamboo is a much sustainable material, durable, and it also grows fast.

Further, it’s an incredibly flexible material, while it can be applied to flooring, it can be into modern furniture as well. However, there are some things you should be aware of bamboo trees. For instance, bamboo furniture is held together by glue that contains toxic and harsh chemicals.

Though bamboo is abundant in China with lesser chemicals, cropping of bamboo uses a ton of water and can usually suck up all the nutrients from the soil.

Say No to Flame Retardants

Instead of off-gassing like the other chemicals, flame retardants usually fall out on cushioning. In detail, flame retardants are powders, which can get mixed with dust throughout the house.

Though flame retardants are designed to keep you safe, there isn’t enough proof of them making anything rather than releasing harmful fumes while your sofa burns.

To point out, avoid those products that are made out of foam, instead choose natural latex, wool, or cotton down. Further, you can also ask the manufacturer to find out if they're using any flame retardants.


Going green is greatly essential to most households in this generation. It can also create an impact regarding environmental issues and the increasing threat of global warming. Overall, whether you want to purchase new furnishings for your home, or you want to contribute reducing the further destruction of our environment, consider buying ethical furniture. By browsing internet sites such as Black Mango and other furniture shops, you can have the variety and choices according to your preference.

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