5 Tips to Travel Sustainably With Your Dog

Bringing your furbaby to different destinations would be a fun and memorable way to build a stronger bond between the two of you. 

However, to make sure your travel plans would work according to plan, you must consider more things than usual. 

To make the planning easier for you, here are 5 tips to travel sustainably with your dog.

Bring All The Essentials

If you’re thinking, ‘Ah, we’ll only be out for a weekend, just a few packs of food and water would be enough.’ You’re actually under-packing.

It doesn’t mean you have to bring more food. It just means there are more things than food that should always be with you, especially when you’re traveling far. 

Some essential travel items to be brought for your dog are:

  • Your pup’s medications
  • Dog grooming items - you never know when ‘muddy accidents’ happen
  • A dog harness - a multipurpose one that you can use for walks or a dog car harness helps!
  • Contact info of your dog’s vet along with your dog’s medical records and health certificates - it would save you from ending your vacation prematurely and going back home with a sick pup
  • Your dog’s first aid kit
  • Dog food, treats, and water bottle along with their feeding bowls
  • Waste bags
  • A leash and a collar indicating where you’d be staying during your trip
  • Dog crate or kennel
  • Your dog’s favorite toy
  • A dog bed

Check Pet Guidelines

This is especially important when using public transportation.

Do extra research and make sure that your chosen mode of transport is pet-friendly.  

Some public transportation would allow dogs that are properly leashed. Others would require dogs to be placed in dog carriers, kennels, or crates for maximum security. 

It’s also best to mention you’re bringing a dog with you when booking a flight. In this way, the airline would be able to properly accommodate you and give you a better explanation of their pet policies.

Train Your Dog For Travel

If it’s her first time to travel, it is possible for a well-trained dog to misbehave. To prevent this, you can have a dry run of what it would feel like traveling, especially before a long trip.

Take her out on a short ride at first and observe her behavior. Is she enjoying the sights or is she feeling nervous and motion-sick?

To prevent her from panicking, it’s best to bring a companion that would keep her calm and help her clean up if ever she gets too sick during the ride.

Properly Secure Your Dog

Restraining your dog may give her less freedom while traveling, but it is for the best when ensuring everyone’s safety.

Just like us, a sudden movement of any moving vehicle may cause minor to severe injuries to a dog. It’s also dangerous if you let her be free enough to bring her head out of the window. For this reason, a dog-friendly seatbelt should be worn at all times. 

May it be a harness or a kennel, make sure that your dog is comfortable with it prior to a trip. This will prevent unnecessary panic to your dog, and would not make her think that she’s trapped or is being punished. 

Give Your Dog Maximum Comfort

Dogs can get motion-sickness too. So it's best to give them maximum comfort while on the road. 

Make sure that she isn’t full to reduce feeling sick. However, water should be available to keep her hydrated.

Moreover, keep her area well-ventilated. If there is no air-conditioning on the back part of your car where you decided to secure her, it would be recommended to roll down the windows to give her enough fresh air.

In addition, make sure to stop every now and then for some stretching, and potty breaks. Do not forget to give her light meals especially when on a long journey.

Traveling with your furbaby would mean adding more things to your to-do list prior to the trip. But if it means more memories to tell and laugh about, wouldn’t that be worth it?