Fashion Sustainability in Progress: Zara By Anuja

This is the 3rd article in a bimonthly series where we will look at the most selling brands in the fashion industry in the year 2016-17. Interbrand, a global brand consultancy, reported Best Global Brands of 2017. Ten luxury and apparel companies made their mark in the top 100. Each blog post would probe into these companies for environmental and social performance by highlighting their progress. Stay tuned for this bimonthly series looking into their sustainability efforts.

Ranking on Best Global Brands of 2017: Zara is at 24 out of 100.

Fashion Transparency Index Final Score: 76-100% Only three companies have scored in this range. Levi Strauss & Co scored highest with 77. They are doing more than most other brands to communicate publicly about their supply chain practices. They seem to have many robust systems in place for tracking, tracing, monitoring and improving labour and environmental practices across the supply chain. The other two companies to score a top rating are H&M and Inditex both come in just one percentage point behind Levi's at 76%. However all the companies in this section still have a long way to go towards being fully transparent. POSITIVE STEPS TAKEN: All areas ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT: More stakeholder engagement; better tracing of products down to sources of raw material; and even more transparent communications with the public.

Third party verification of report: Yes.  SGS ICS Ibérica, S.A.

Reporting Standard: This Report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Comprehensive Option. Organizations have the choice between “in accordance – core” and “in accordance – comprehensive”, depending on the comprehensiveness of the disclosures made.

Insights from the its sustainability report:

Inditex is present in 94 markets -45 of them online- in all five continents, with more than 7,000 stores. Zara is one of their brands. In 2016, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) named Inditex the most sustainable retail company in its industry, awarding it the gold medal with a total of 97 points out of 100 in a environmental category. Inditex’s supply chain comprises over 6,900 factories which employ over 1.5 million people.


  • Inditex has invested €40 million in social programmes worldwide in the last year.