Ecological Patterns: Leading Brands That Creates Eco-Friendly Fashion Bags

Ethically designed bags have come far since their simple beginnings. From stained vegetable leathers to organic and recycled materials, designers have raised the level of form, function, and style when it comes to bags.

If you wish to know more about eco-friendly bags, this article will give you a list of sought-after brands in the field of the sustainable fashion bags.

Matt & Natt

Matt & Nat is living by the simple motto, “Live beautifully,” which means appreciating the creativity, positivity, and humanity. The brand finds its inspiration from the hues and textures of nature and making a consistent improvement to keep their commitment to not use any animal-based resources in any of their products.

Further, Matt & Nat practiced using materials made of 100% recycled plastic bottles and had experimented various forms of upcycled materials over the years, such as rubber, nylon, cardboard, and cork. Currently, the brand has recycled rubber bicycle tires to be used in their compilation.

Moreover, Matt & Nat is gradually expanding all over the globe and is now available in selected shops across the United States, Canada, the UK, Germany, Australia, and Japan, as well as in some online stores.

Purple Mango

Purple Mango is bringing the Brazilian sustainable fashion accessories to international market. This brand is the chic retailer of the ethical clutch bag created from old VHS tapes that illustrates world-class quality and design while working on the problem of waste management.

This brand deserves a massive round of applause for its outstanding sustainable concept.


Now, let's take a glance at this Californian based brand. Kayu was born out of the desire to preserve and cultivate traditional techniques of Southeast Asia. Currently, Kayu collaborates with the artisans in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines, and is now providing jobs to many people.

Further, Kayu doesn't manufacture their products in cruel factories where items are mass-fabricated but instead, runs in smaller groups of mothers, sisters, daughters, and even grandmothers, giving a genuine feeling of a family to the brand.

To emphasize, Kayu is entirely vegan-friendly and sustainable. All of their creations are from natural materials like shell, wood, and straw. Since the brand’s designs are handmade, their creations come in limited quantities, making them unique and exceptional.


A collection of accessories, homewares, and clothing, Mayamiko which is ethically made in Malawi, combines traditional African techniques and modern design.

The contemporary looks come in bold and stylish printed African cotton, locally known as the chitenge, can attract anyone in the fashion community. Plus, other unique materials from nearby African countries are also incorporated in their collections.

Moreover, the brand offers yoga-inspired accessories, beautiful hand-dyed batiks, and a fully recycled capsule of a collection called the Rebirth.

Rags 2 Riches

A proud product of the Philippines, this brand is empowering designer communities. Rags 2 Riches also unites eco-conscious, human-centered, and collaborative, designs which pour in the genuine human spirit in each product.

They're collaborating with local designers all over the country to make an eco-ethical fashion and various home accessories out of recycled cloth, overstock, and some indigenous resources.


Uniquely, Issara introduces the substance and quality into its products. Superb materials like leather complement its excellent list of master designers.

Its lines of the classy duffle, totes, overnighters, messenger bags and other accessories come from the highest grade, full-grain leather that keeps its maximum strength and unusual natural features, making it more smooth and durable.


We already know that looking for a bag that’s both functional and beautiful can be tough. But searching for a bag created in a method that’s kind to people as well as the environment can be immensely harder.

However, there are stores in the web like Luggage Online and other various sites where you can shop such items, so worry less, those mentioned brands above are indeed highlighting the ethics and the looks to satisfy your wardrobe.

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