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Why is Hemp Clothing the Best Combination of Fashion and Sustainability?

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Ever tried an artisan vegan burger. It’s possible to savor the flavor of your favorite meat patties while still letting the animal live.

What if you could enjoy a guilt-free fast fashion too. Hemp looks like the answer.

There’s a whirlwind of change around hemp legislation. The crop has been lobbied for in the U.S. and Australia over the last 5 years and is now slowly contributing to several industries there—such as paper, textiles, fabric, oil, protein powder, bioplastics, skincare, rope, and even automobile manufacturing.

Its broad utility is it is re-emerging as a major player in the agricultural world. After almost a century of stigmatization by misassociation to its unruly cousin—marijuana—it's making a deserved comeback! Appreciate it.


Previous Legal Obstacles to Hemp

Industrial hemp and marijuana are derived from the same plant, Cannabis sativa, albeit from two different varieties of it. The marijuana variety contains more tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which has mind-altering effects. The industrial hemp variety is the one which is the topic of discussion here.

As recently as 2010, most American states still restricted or outright banned the cultivation of this plant. But in 2014 and 2018, legislation was made to accommodate the industrial hemp variety of the plant in America. Similar changes happened in Australia in 2017. The hemp industry is now catching on to its versatile potential. The future became bright.

The Sustainable Advantages of Cultivating Hemp

Hemp’s properties and requirements make it a very economical plant to cultivate. Here are some of them:

  • Quick cultivation:

    It grows quickly, within 4 months. This helps farmers plan their harvesting cycles more flexibly and allows them to use more crops on their land.

  • Water conservation:

    As a weed, it doesn’t need much water to thrive. Compared to cotton, water usage is less than half as much, per plant.


  • High productivity:

    It grows densely and has higher pulp production per acre than many trees.

  • Collateral benefits:

    Can be used as a rotation crop, since it has nitrogen-fixation. This enriches the soil for other plants.

  • Low maintenance:

    Hemp doesn’t require special topsoil, nutrients, or fertilizers for optimal growth. Unlike cotton, it is not very high maintenance.


  • Versatility:

    All of its parts can find use in industry, from the inner core to outer fibers. Wastage is minimum, and farmers get to make the most of their investment.

  • Pest Resistance:

    The Cannabis sativa plant is one of the more resilient plants in nature, in terms of avoiding too much damage by pests. This also reduces the need for pesticides, which are quite expensive for farmers, as well as toxic to the surrounding animal chain.


These facts make it easier for farmers to cultivate the crop, as it becomes a favorable risk to weigh in on. Investing in a crop that has so many uses, as well as such a convenient growth cycle, is a no-brainer.

Hemp’s Use in the Clothing and Fashion Industry

Throughout history, it was used as a fabric and textile, due to the aforementioned legal reasons. Then cotton took over as the main organic source of clothing material in the modern era.

Hemp fabrics are derived from the bast fibers on the outer layer of the plant. These fibers are taken through a process of retting, breaking, scutching, hackling, roving, and spinning, to eventually create fabrics and textiles.

Here are some of their advantages:

  • Durability:

    Hemp fabrics are more durable than cotton and wool. This also means they are coarser and a little more uncomfortable. The softness does improve, however, with successive wash cycles, so this isn’t anything to worry about.

  • Cool & airy:

    They do compensate for their slight coarseness by being very breathable—air passes through them easily, which cools down wearers immensely. This makes it a great option in warmer climates.

  • Hardy and tough material:

    Hemp fibers are tougher than that of cotton. So clothes and textiles made from them last longer, thus conserving money, material, and reducing the carbon footprint.

  • Less Pilling:

    Hemp fabrics are better at resisting lint and fuzz accumulating on its surface—a negative phenomenon called pilling—which makes it an attractive option for users.

  • Resistant to Microbes:

    Hemp clothes, being tougher and of different material to other softer fabrics, are more resistant to microbes like bacteria and fungi. So clothes are less likely to catch bad odors from moisture degradation and mildew. They retain their freshness better.

Hemp clothes are a niche category nowadays, but the trend is catching on, as more people become environmentally conscious about the carbon footprint of the clothes industry.

The Effects of  Hemp on the Fashion & Clothing Industry

More than just as a great fabric, hemp fabric production will have a positive effect on a lot of other facets of society. Growing hemp will have its direct and indirect effects on the fashion industry itself.

  • Going Organic:

    As an alternative to cotton, it could supplement the organic fashion industry and reduce the need for inorganic, non-biodegradable clothing material. Maximizing the organic sector of the clothing industry will keep the Earth cleaner in the years to come, as the climate change issue intensifies.

  • Biodegradable waste:

    Biodegradable materials like hemp are not so severe in the environment. Often, used and discarded clothes are disposed of in landfills and/or burned.


Thus, if the clothes are made up of toxic inorganic plastics and such, they are released into the atmosphere or soil. Hemp then does not give out a significant amount of greenhouse gases as a result.

  • Could slow down Fast Fashion:

    The fashion industry has gotten a bad rap, as of recently, due to reports of it being one of the most pollutive industries—with people buying and disposing of synthetic clothes far more frequently—and exploiting laborers in countries with lax labor laws.

The disposable income spent on clothes could reduce in time, as environmental awareness increases. And with better organic products like hemp on the horizon, customers will be encouraged to be more responsible.


When you take a bird’s eye view on the hemp issue, you can see why it is fast turning into a major industry in and of itself. And in fashion, it makes its statement.


Author Bio: Vishal Vivek, Co-founded the NGO Hemp Foundation to increase awareness about hemp which is the most misunderstood plant on the planet. He believes that we can fight climate change, water crisis, and plastic pollution with Hemp. Times Group recognized him as a legendary entrepreneur and published his biography in I Did IT- Vol 2 at the age of just 30!

Things You Should Know About Men’s Athleisure

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If there's one style of men’s clothing that's really having its moment in the sun, it is men's athleisure wear. You can't go anywhere these days without seeing someone in clothing that's sporty, but more put-together than sweats, and at the same time, less dressy than a starched collared shirt. Men’s athleisure has made its way into the board room in ways that no other style of clothing has in decades. Gone is the formal overdressed pompous look of the past. Why not admit that we all want to be comfortable? We can be both relaxed and modern-looking wearing men’s athleisure, and today I want to talk about this cool subject because there are more Things you should know about men's athleisure.


One mistake people often make when it comes to men's clothing is that being comfy means looking sloppy. From pajama-style stained sweatpants to shirts so faded, they look like they've been washed thousands of times, your schlepping around clothes should not see the outside of your bedroom. But, today there is another option. Thanks to the booming trend of athleisure, a man can now look good and feel good at the same time, no matter where he happens to be. Take a look around, wherever you happen to be, and you’ll probably see at least one man in nylon microfiber joggers and another in a logo-less merino-wool pullover. Moisture-wicking running shorts and louvered tees and paper-thin zip vests, all done up in colors that can vaguely be described as “charcoal” or “heather.” These are the hallmarks of the latest men’s fashion trend described as athleisure.


If you’ve been asked to work-from-home, don’t take conference calls in your pajamas, hoodies, or whatever you just slept in. Look to athleisure, which has gone from an obscure reference to a brand. The best athleisure wear combines original fabrics, classic shapes, and utilitarian wearability that makes them perfect for lounging around the house, grocery store errands, or your outdoor workouts. Already, men are aiming to sport their technical leisure apparel across a variety of different spaces, eager to show off their athleisure wear collection. Wearing athleisure here in Silicon Valley, I can tell you, it's almost like you belong to a secret club that understands that this is new business apparel. If you don't wear it, forget about your promotion. 


Athleisure is here to stay, there are simply too many people too invested in this style to think it will go away anytime soon. And why would feeling comfortable while working ever go away? Athleisure can be summed up at the best thing that could have happened to your sense of style. You will no longer be teased by your friends, family, and coworkers for looking unkempt. You will never again have to choose form over function, or vice versa when it comes to your wardrobe. 

No, athleisure wear for men is going to be there to support all of you tough fashion choices, so you can live your most comfortable life.


Some of your favorite brands have already begun to focus heavily on the emerging athleisure wear style. You can find many of the best pieces online, or at your local mall or sporting wear store. I always shop online and find the latest trends and best selection there. One of the best pieces you can start with is a zip pullover, this has been my go-to shirt for so many different events and I can't think of a situation where it would be out of place. I really can't recommend trying some men’s athleisure wear gear enough. This clothing style has truly done wonders for my wardrobe and my confidence levels.


What Are The Benefits Of Compression Socks?

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There are many benefits to wearing compression socks. In this article, we’ll dive into the different benefits of compression socks. 


While many may think that compression socks are just used for medically relevant conditions, it's coming to light that there are more and more benefits and reasons to wear compression socks. Whether you use compression socks, stockings for support, or compression stockings, odds are you're referring to the sort of merchandise. Considering all the styles, fabrics, and colors available, it's become easier to wear compression socks daily when wearing those special garments without looking obvious. For instance, compression socks come in colors such as khaki, navy, or black and compression socks worn by men are made to seem like regular men's dress socks. Whether man or woman, young or older, compression socks can help increase blood flow throughout your body, which helps enhance your energy levels and reduce tiredness, swelling, or soreness in your legs and body.  


Compression socks are worn to increase blood flow in your legs. Specially fitted compression socks are tight at the feet with a loose fit on the leg, which helps to move blood up your legs. This type of compression helps to fight the effects of gravity and assist the body in flowing blood back up to the heart.


Here are just a few of the benefits of wearing compression socks:


For Travel

Traveling, whether it be by plane or car, long or short trips, there are a variety of benefits to wearing compression socks during your commutes. There’s even a term called “economy class syndrome” that refers to the increased risk of blood clots after sitting in the same, tight positions for an extended period of time. Wearing compression socks during travel has been shown to help reduce the risk of developing blood clots or DVT. Plus, the increased circulation brought on by compression socks can help lessen the feeling of restless legs, achiness, and post-travel soreness. Keep in mind if you are sleeping or lying down for long periods of time, you may want to remove your compression socks but do check with your doctor about wearing compression socks when sleeping or lying down.


Helps Those Who Stand A Lot For Work

If you have a job that entails sitting or standing in the same place for extended periods of time then wearing compressions socks is something that should be considered. The graduated pressure that compression socks provide helps bring relief to tired, painful feet and legs. As mentioned above, there are compression socks available for men that look very similar to the ordinary socks rather than stockings so you can wear them to work every day. It's important to ask your doctor to make sure there isn’t a limit to the amount of consecutive time you can wear your compression socks during the day. Sometimes, wearing the compression socks more then the amount of the time recommended by your doctor can make your symptoms worse or lead to other complications. You could also wear compression socks all day long to maintain a healthy increase in circulation and ward off swelling, blood clots or muscle fatigue.


For Athletes

Runners and athletes alike of all sorts are catching on to the benefits of wearing compression socks during workouts, training, and recovery. While the pressure helps improve circulation, tech fibers and materials for compression socks offer support for your feet, ankles, calves, and thighs. This allows for faster recovery during workouts and decreased muscle fatigue. Compression socks feature foot soles that are padded for extra-breathable fibers and relaxation for moisture management and warmth.  


For Pregnant Women

For years now, pregnant women all over the world have enjoyed wearing maternity compression socks because of the fact they help prevent varicose veins brought on by women during pregnancy. Maternity compression socks can also help with other ailments that come about with the increased strain on an expectant mother’s circulation system. Swelling, leg cramps, and general leg achiness that take place are common in pregnancy but can be eased through the use of compression socks. The extra boost in circulation provided by the compression socks can help to energize tired and achy legs, while also helping to relieve the “heaviness” many moms-to-be experiences in the lower half of their bodies.


There are no rules stating that you must have the negative symptoms relieved by compression socks before you can start wearing them, but you should check with your doctor. 


3 Reasons to Consider a White Jumpsuit for your Wedding

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In the past, most people think of princess inspired ball gowns when daydreaming of what their future wedding dress will look like. However, times are changing, and fashion is evolving. A traditional white wedding gown is no longer the go-to choice when shopping for bridal attire. The white wedding dress is a classic and timeless piece of fashion that grew in popularity when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840. Since then, brides have followed the tradition of wearing a beautiful white gown down the aisle. Today is such a great time to be alive because women all over the world are breaking free from the mold of tradition and are pursuing alternative wedding dress options like a white bridal jumpsuit, but why? Sit back and keep reading because we are going to tell you 3 reasons to consider a white jumpsuit for weddings!



There is no denying the fact that a jumpsuit is more comfortable than a long dress layered with lots of tulle. Without compromising style, jumpsuits offer coverage and comfort putting a smile on any bride’s face. Wearing pants will allow you to move around freely so you will never have to worry about your dress riding up or any of the other annoyances that come with wearing an undeniably heavy wedding gown. Jumpsuits also help to make life much easier when having to run to the restroom because you can unzip your pants with ease versus needing assistance from a bestie.




No two brides are alike. Women come in many different shapes and sizes making white bridal jumpsuits a favorite due to the endless options available on the market today. Jumpsuits are extremely flattering and there is a style for everyone, but it is a good idea to know your body type to ensure you are getting the best fit for you! For an example, petite brides should consider tailored jumpsuits that are slim-fitting and cropped. Stay away from jumpsuits with too much material and stick to slimmer silhouettes that hug your small shape. A tapered hemline is a good idea because it prevents fabric from bunching at the ankles. Tall brides have more wiggle room and can opt for a jumpsuit with more fabric. A wide legged jumpsuit is a great choice because it will complement your long legs. Try a v-neckline to elongate your frame and play up your height. Bridal jumpsuits are extremely flattering and create a silhouette that is just as romantic and dramatic as a dress.




Another reason to consider a white bridal jumpsuit is because of the endless amount of options you will have when picking ‘the one’. Just like a traditional white wedding dress, bridal jumpsuits come in many different silhouettes, necklines, fabrics, styles and more. You can also take it up a notch and accessorize your white bridal jumpsuit with beautiful jewelry and or even a chic belt. Every bride has a different taste making white bridal jumpsuits a great choice due to its many options. Minimalist satin and elegant lace are the most popular options today; however, we are seeing new styles hit the market daily! 


Getting married has so many moving parts and can really be quite stressful for some. If you are a nontraditional bride looking to break from the mold of wearing a traditional gown down the aisle, then a white bridal jumpsuit may be the best option for you! Due to being comfortable, flattering and having many options, white bridal jumpsuits have climbed the ranks in popularity, and for good reason!

Affordable Clothes For Your Kids To Make Them Look Chic

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Whenever Christmas arrives, the kids jump around the house because they are well aware of the fact that we would provide them with new stuff; it also includes a new clothing section. Whether we take the kids to the children's clothes wholesale store or find one online, we would have to select the best material that can make the children happy and adorable at the same time.

If we are still confused about what to choose for the kids this Christmas, when it is just around the corner, we can go through the trending options mentioned below. We can choose either of the aspects that would most likely suit the children in every way.

Maroon Ruffle Sleeve Sweatshirt

If the little girl aspires to look bright and beautiful on the Christmas day, this is an excellent choice for us. The color thoroughly suits the kids with fair complexion. The clothing comes with a maroon top and black pants. We would also get shiny black boots with a mixed colored necklace of pearls. Since it is Christmas, the girls would look good in a big bow tied on the head, which also comes along with the dress. The entire dress is available at just $7.50.

Black And White Raglan W/Multi-Printed Hearts

If we wish to find something similar to the dress above, this is the perfect choice in black and white color combination. However, we won’t get any pants that can complement the dress. There is another feature that is likely to attract the little girls: a small female hat in black color. The unique combination is cute for our small girls that is available at $6.50.

Heart Application Flare Dress

If we aren’t very fond of wearing pants and shirts can go for this beautiful maroon colored dress that has the cutest combination of hearts and bows as designs. We would also get shiny black boots with it that is set to complement the entire dress code. The clothing pattern looks beautiful in a golden bow that is usually tied on the top of the head. Such a combination is enough to attract the attention of the guests at home on Christmas, especially if we give the little girls a multi-colored necklace. It is available at just $8.50 in the stores.

Burgundy relax fit top and checker print and checker printed leggings with a matching scarf

If we want to go for something more modern and trending, this aspect can be a unique combination for us. A black and white check design on both the leggings and scarf can look equally beautiful as the fair complexion of the girl. The aspects are likely to complement the maroon colored top that is decorated with a heart-shaped design. We would also get a bow and necklace in varied colors, matching the dress entirely. We can find this particular aspect at $13.50 quickly in the stores online.

Blush Ruffle Top And Grey Bell Bottoms

If we don’t want to get a dress in a darker color, this can be a better option available in a blush tone. The dress is a unique combination of traditional aspect with a modern touch. The bell bottoms give us a vintage look that can set our children apart in the crowd. We can get a bow and necklace with this at just $12.

Off-Shoulder Leopard Printed Top And Denim Pants

This particular aspect is meant for those kids having a thing for leopard design and denim. However, unlike others mentioned above, this unique dress combination comes with golden shoes that match well with a leopard off-shoulder top. We would also get a black hat, bow, and a mixed-colored necklace that can complement the entire dressing aspect of the kid. This pattern is exceptionally beautiful for the kids wishing to wear a golden dress on Christmas. We can get this wondrous aspect at just $15.


We must know more about trending clothes before going to wholesale kids clothing stores. The above list is available for the little girls who aspire to look beautiful during such a festival amid the relatives and family members. The kids would look even more admirable and adorable wearing a bow and matching pants at affordable rates.

Custom Hoodies Are For Every – Here Are The Major Benefits They Give

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It's not difficult to find someone who enjoys wearing a hoodie, as it is loved by every 9 out of 10 people. Hoodies are love, for all-season and all occasions. They are a comfortable outfit for traveling, sports, gym, sleeping, or any outing; they will provide us with the utmost comfort and warmth. Wearing a comfy and custom hoodie has become a trend these days. Hoodies are hard to neglect due to several advantages that it offers.  People of Australia love hoodies, and this is why custom hoodies in Australia have become a sought-after product. Both men and women of all ages enjoy wearing custom hoodies these days in every corner of the world.

Here are a few benefits of wearing a custom hoodie

It provides warmth in style

A custom hoodie is a perfect piece of clothing, to wear in a casual, everyday situation. We all love to be tip-top, besides parties; custom hoodie will allow us to look the best of ourselves. With the advantage of customization, we can design our hoodie the way we want it.  Apart from style, a hoodie can be worn in the winter, but it can also be worn outside while traveling outskirts during the spring evenings.  With custom hoodies, we can portray our style and personality as well as keep our body warm.

They are comfortable to wear

Confidence is the best outfit that we can wear. For great confidence, we must wear a comfortable outfit. The reason what makes hoodies great is that they are quite comfortable to wear.  Having a hoodie of material in which we feel comfortable is itself an assurance of comfort. Another great reason for having a hoodie is that they can be worn on any tee or shirt or any other piece of garment. Unlike other garments where we have to remove one to wear another, we can wear multiple layers of clothes underneath or absolutely nothing; no one will know. 😛

Hoodies are versatile

There is a wide variety of options with whom we can wear a hoodie. We can wear a hoodie with almost everything, without worrying about how it will look. It can be confidently worn with jeans, chinos, and pants. Also, in terms of shoes, a hoodie can perfectly go from sneakers to boots, this makes hoodies a versatile garment. A hoodie will be a great addition in our wardrobe, something which we will never regret buying.

Wide variety of choice

While looking for a perfect hoodie, we may come across a wide variety of styles.  However, we know what makes us look best, and so, we can give our specifications to a custom hoodie provider. Here is the finest brand that offer high-quality, hand-made custom hoodies to a team as well as to an individual, Custom Varsity Apparel. With a unique style, color, design, pattern; we can make our team, club, school or group stand out of the crowd.


These are a few reasons as to why hoodies are love these days. They have got all the right reasons for being the favorite outfit of both men and women. Hoodies can give us warmth, comfort, style, and everything that we need to slay in style. With hoodies, we can end up with a great choice of low cost combined with top-notch quality. All we need to do is find a quality, state-of-art hoodies proving company, who will listen to our specifications and deliver us up to our expectations.

For personalized hoodies with a color, logo, brand tagline, name, size, get in touch with Custom Varsity Apparel, they will create hoodies that we can fall in love every time we wear it.


The 3 Facts Relate Feminism to Conscious Fashion

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Sustainable, Ethical or Eco-friendly all these concepts relate to consciousness, we are aware, informed and conscious the reason why we act upon that. The point here is awareness of what we want to express and the way we want to express it. However, conscious fashion or let’s talk first about the conscious state in order to end up with feminism and conscious fashion.  The conscious sate which I think it is important to highlight in order to understand the movement and to take the path.

One of the states of consciousness is a state of awareness a conscious mental state is simply a mental state one is aware of being in (Rosenthal 1986, 1996). So we are conscious because we have the desire to be aware of. Nowadays, that’s how I perceive fashion we are aware of the social injustice, inequalities, discrimination and other costs.

Do you know that women are the most impacted in the fashion industry as they are also the ones who are the craziest about new trends? So if we are consciously fashionable we are feminist because simply we are aware of the situation of those women in that garment factory somewhere making our clothing that we are crazy about. In the pursuit of social, economical and political equality conscious fashion is striving toward fair wages, clean work conditions, protecting women’s rights and creating opportunities for women. Also, protecting the planet environmentally talking. These are the 3 following facts relate feminism to conscious fashion:


Women buy the most that’s a fact and also they are the ones that are concerned about women’s rights and they are probably the ones who could be aware of the spectrum of the fashion industry because it concerns them, they could be informed, do research about the circumstances and the real costs and reflect on their consumerism behavior. Being aware is reflecting on our actions, questioning our behavior, looking forward information it is not forcing ourselves to do something that we can’t but what if we start small, ask the brands, look after who made the clothes choose well and consume less it is already the beginning of the journey. Believe me, you will feel good about it later on. 

 ‘’ Women consumerism behavior is something that we could reflect on and raise awareness about that. It is the starting point of the conscious path and the pursuit of the feminist movement ‘’.  


As women, we love feeling beautiful, powerful and confident. Each woman has its unique way to express herself not only by clothes but also the way she wants to show her personality.

For me, self-expression is the feeling of being comfortable with my own skin and clothes play a role but not that big role. Self-expression could be like that: if we want to follow up with feminism for all women who have done a lot for us we could express ourselves consciously and lead by example. For example:

‘’ If you support women workers in the garment factories, or empower other women  then you are, or you said a big NO to Brands who are not ethically committed then you are a feminist and you care about other women ‘’.

Why don’t we take self-expression as an advantage to show to others that we care and we want to show up consciously? We want to empowet, lead by example and show ourselves as respected women respecting other women, people and the planet.


Exploring my values is a lifetime journey, I evolve and I grow. So my values are defined with time. It is very important for us to define our values because our actions relate to that day by day. So if I don’t define my values from the beginning how could I define these brands? Basically, the values could be respect to the planet, to people and to animals. Respect itself could take different forms. However, these values help us to choose well in the market and also we express our feminism as women who respect their values and other women around them.

‘’ Define our values and act upon that, respect could be one of the values. If we respect ourselves then we could respect the ones around us ‘’.

Above all, we are consciously feminist, as women we could consider these facts to acknowledge, inspire and be inspired, empower and be empowered.                                                                              

Connect with me through my slow vie and style : 





The Different Ways to Buy Sustainable Clothing

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Around the world, we have begun to see more companies make their operations environmentally friendly, and government legislation is also encouraging people to make significant changes in their daily routines, even if it is something as minimal as. Clothing brands and designers are also making a statement with multiple avenues used to create sustainable clothing. Ethical clothing can have multiple reasons in which it can be recognised as sustainable, and if you’re wondering how, here are some of the main origins of eco-friendly clothing.



This is commonly used by smaller fashion brands that don't yet have the facilities to offer a wider range of ethical practices. Brands tend to boast that they donate a percentage of their profits to their selected charity organisations that usually inspire the brand.


Supply Change

Big brands have the ability to completely change their supply chain structure and make it more ethical. Making their warehousing and transportation options more eco-friendly can make a dramatic change when looking at fuel and energy consumption. Ethical brands such as G-STAR Raw show their ethical choices and explain their reasoning behind it, making the brand perfect for anyone wanting to update their wardrobe.


Organic Materials

Growing conventional cotton and other materials is very chemical based and has negative effects on the earth’s soil, air, water and local people in the area. Growing organic cotton takes longer but in a long-term future is much better for all aspects of the environment. The chemicals used are currently are considered some of the most toxic, and this option needs to be phased out for organic options to thrive. Naturally making people aware of the benefits of organic cotton is key for designers who use it and should be your first choice when browsing for new clothes.



An unconventional option but with the advancements in recycling technology means that ethical sportswear brands can use mistreated plastics and transform them into sustainable garments. Manufacturers even claim that the new materials used are actually more durable than conventional materials, which gives you little reason not to consider the modern choice that is helping to reduce plastics found in the ocean and being burnt.


There’s little reason not to consider a sustainable garment as your next purchase, prices can be slightly more than conventional brands, as the manufacturing process isn’t mass produced on the same scale which can cause them to seem inflated. However, the more people begin to opt-in for the sustainable choices, more the prices will decrease, and if profits are going to charities it’s always good to know that you are contributing to good causes with your general purchases.

Planning for a Destination Wedding is Simple

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If you love the idea of planning a destination wedding, but you are afraid to do it because it sounds like such a complicated ordeal to go through, then you do not need to worry at all. There are many tips and tricks to make the experience simple. However, you do need to be organized and start doing your research on how to plan for this type of unique wedding! Let's find out the tips to utilize in order to make this happen!

Choose the Right Type of Planner

This tip is the first one to utilize. Before you start getting carried away with making wedding plans on your own to an area that is far away, that you know little about- you need to be prepared to invest in a planner that can help you make your dreams turn into a reality. You definitely need to shop around for a planner that can help you end up having a successful destination wedding. Not all planners will know how to do that. However, don't rely on web reviews to find the right type of planner. You will need to ask for some references after being in contact with one to find out how the experience was for previous clients!

Once you find the perfect wedding planner, you will be led to the perfect package, as well as to the right venues in the location of your dreams. And if this sounds overwhelming even with the help of a planner, then that is a sign that having a destination wedding is not the best fit for you no matter how appealing the idea happens to be!

Make Sure the Resort That You Plan to Stay At is Available for the Entire Weekend

If you are getting married at a resort that is nowhere near your home, as well as near the home of your guests- you will want to make sure that the hotel or resort is not booked for the weekend you want to get married. You don't want to only have the hotel be available to your guests only for the one day you are getting married during the weekend.  You want to make sure that they are not booked at all so your guests can enjoy a stay at the resort or hotel for the entire weekend and make a mini vacation out of it. If it is just for one day, they will not bother attending your wedding! That will put a damper on the dream destination wedding you have wanted all along.

Regardless of Where You Are Getting Married, Be Prepared for the Big Day

Even if you decide to get married locally, you need to properly plan for the wedding regardless. For starters, you want to make sure you get the right wedding dress that fits your style, and of course, fits you! And you will need to find the right ring as well.

If you want a different type of ring, then you need to do your homework. Therefore, for example, if you want to find a pearl ring, you need to do your research on the best place to buy one. The groom needs to be well prepared as well. The same goes for the catering, the music, and anything else you want to include in your wedding.

In a nutshell, if you want to have a destination wedding, there is a lot of planning that is involved, and many considerations to make! Only you will know if that is the right thing for you or not once you go further into the planning process.

Fashion Hysteria: 7 Fashion Tips And Tricks To Help You Look More Stylish

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Fashion trends are changing from time to time. Some say that fashion is all about dressing what's trending. A smart dresser or a fashionista is always seeking for what's new in the fashion industry, and this kind of habit makes a fashionista stylish.

It is a trait for most of the fashionistas to buy clothes and never wore it. You buy clothes to wear it, not to hold on it and stuck it on your wardrobe. Looking stylish isn't just about wearing expensive clothes or wearing the most popular and trendy dresses.

Sometimes, wearing a simple sunglasses would already make you more fashionable. So here are some tips and tricks to help you become stylish.

Wear At Least One Accessory

It's like going to school without bringing a pen, that's why accessories are a part of an outfit. It gives you a satisfying feeling and can make your clothing astonishing. Most women wear false eyelashes or eyelash extensions.

It is one of the most common and convenient accessories women wear to enhance their beauty. So, how long do eyelash extensions last? This kind of accessory lasts for almost eight weeks or two months.

Roll Up Your Sleeve

Rolling up the sleeves when wearing a button-up shirt can make a fashionable style to your clothing. It can add comfort and composure to your shirt. It looks good with long denim sleeves and dark coloured long sleeves.

Wear the Opposite Foot Wear

Whatever outfit you want to wear, choose the opposite style of shoes. For example, exchange high heels to flat booties, sandals to sneakers and sneaker to heels. The more it doesn't feel right, the more it fits.

Don’t Keep Or Buy Clothing that Doesn’t Fit

It is not right to cling on to items that no longer fit you. It's also not essential to buy clothes that don't fit your size for the reason that it is on sale or just hoping that one day you will be able to wear it.

Holding on to items that don't fit you anymore is the worst thing for your wardrobe. The best way to get rid of it is to put it on sale and buy another set of clothes that best suits you.

Go For Heels!

Heels heighten your look literally. It can boost your confidence physically and mentally. You are not obliged to wear heels every day, but including them in your collection can undoubtedly give you a lot of stylish benefits.

Wear Leather Jacket

It doesn't matter if you're wearing jeans, gown, or gym clothing. A black leather jacket or any good motorcycle jacket improves every outfit. Wearing a leather jacket is always a classic choice, it may not be a must but, leather jackets can be an excellent pair of most stylish clothing.

Be Confident

The most important trick to becoming stylish is to be confident in all aspects. The truth is, looking stylish comes down to being confident.  If you walk the streets wearing one of your elegant clothing with confidence, people will have to look at you and agree that the clothes you wear are suitable for you.


Wanting stylish clothing doesn't require you to spend much effort and money. You can wear anything you want effortlessly.  No matter what you're wearing, if you're confident and happy, you'll always look better inside and out.

These are just seven of the many tips and tricks to become stylish. If you want to become one, you can start slowly by getting rid of the clothes that you don't want anymore.