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The 3 Facts Relate Feminism to Conscious Fashion

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Sustainable, Ethical or Eco-friendly all these concepts relate to consciousness, we are aware, informed and conscious the reason why we act upon that. The point here is awareness of what we want to express and the way we want to express it. However, conscious fashion or let’s talk first about the conscious state in order to end up with feminism and conscious fashion.  The conscious sate which I think it is important to highlight in order to understand the movement and to take the path.

One of the states of consciousness is a state of awareness a conscious mental state is simply a mental state one is aware of being in (Rosenthal 1986, 1996). So we are conscious because we have the desire to be aware of. Nowadays, that’s how I perceive fashion we are aware of the social injustice, inequalities, discrimination and other costs.

Do you know that women are the most impacted in the fashion industry as they are also the ones who are the craziest about new trends? So if we are consciously fashionable we are feminist because simply we are aware of the situation of those women in that garment factory somewhere making our clothing that we are crazy about. In the pursuit of social, economical and political equality conscious fashion is striving toward fair wages, clean work conditions, protecting women’s rights and creating opportunities for women. Also, protecting the planet environmentally talking. These are the 3 following facts relate feminism to conscious fashion:


Women buy the most that’s a fact and also they are the ones that are concerned about women’s rights and they are probably the ones who could be aware of the spectrum of the fashion industry because it concerns them, they could be informed, do research about the circumstances and the real costs and reflect on their consumerism behavior. Being aware is reflecting on our actions, questioning our behavior, looking forward information it is not forcing ourselves to do something that we can’t but what if we start small, ask the brands, look after who made the clothes choose well and consume less it is already the beginning of the journey. Believe me, you will feel good about it later on. 

 ‘’ Women consumerism behavior is something that we could reflect on and raise awareness about that. It is the starting point of the conscious path and the pursuit of the feminist movement ‘’.  


As women, we love feeling beautiful, powerful and confident. Each woman has its unique way to express herself not only by clothes but also the way she wants to show her personality.

For me, self-expression is the feeling of being comfortable with my own skin and clothes play a role but not that big role. Self-expression could be like that: if we want to follow up with feminism for all women who have done a lot for us we could express ourselves consciously and lead by example. For example:

‘’ If you support women workers in the garment factories, or empower other women  then you are, or you said a big NO to Brands who are not ethically committed then you are a feminist and you care about other women ‘’.

Why don’t we take self-expression as an advantage to show to others that we care and we want to show up consciously? We want to empowet, lead by example and show ourselves as respected women respecting other women, people and the planet.


Exploring my values is a lifetime journey, I evolve and I grow. So my values are defined with time. It is very important for us to define our values because our actions relate to that day by day. So if I don’t define my values from the beginning how could I define these brands? Basically, the values could be respect to the planet, to people and to animals. Respect itself could take different forms. However, these values help us to choose well in the market and also we express our feminism as women who respect their values and other women around them.

‘’ Define our values and act upon that, respect could be one of the values. If we respect ourselves then we could respect the ones around us ‘’.

Above all, we are consciously feminist, as women we could consider these facts to acknowledge, inspire and be inspired, empower and be empowered.                                                                              

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Are Luxury Fashion Brands Sustainable?

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Are you a lover of elegance? We all choose outfits to look the way we would like to express ourselves. Besides the beauty we look for elegance that’s why we often invest a lot to be elegant. What if I tell you that ethical is elegant. Speaking about elegance the first question that comes to my mind are luxury fashion brands sustainable? You might probably tell me, well, it costs because of the quality of the materials and that’s why they are luxurious or because of the uniqueness of the design.

The fact that the uniqueness of the design and the approach used by these fashion brands such as: Gucci, Hermès, Prada, Chanel, Versace and many more applying one of the aspects of sustainability which is quality material and it lasts rather than no quality. Quality over quantity; what about Corporate Social Responsibility? Even some fashion brands like Hermès they hire a designer for each product.  Sustainable fashion might be the future for luxury brands and even sustainability is at the heart of their business model like for Marks & Spencer.  For instance, Stella MCCARTNEY is the world’s first and only vegan luxury brand. They do not think that any animal should give their life for the sake of fashion. Also, they commit to sustainability in their business as described in their official website.

Indeed, I love the fact when it is clearly communicated on the official website of the brand. For some fashion luxurious brands, it is so hard to see clearly responsible communication. That’s the first step a luxurious brand should think about. If there is no information meaning either they have their own niche of consumers or they do not prioritize communicating sustainability or either they prioritize the uniqueness of the design and the collection. I think the best option would be to ask them, send emails if they do really care before buying if it is unclear.

Obviously sustainability covers many points that a luxurious fashion brand should communicate. Besides the luxury and the quality they should emphasize ethical trade, responsible business model, future sustainable plans, corporate social responsibility all these aspects matters in order to build a trust with the Eco-friendly consumer.

The answer to this question is mixed either there is a clear communication about sustainability like for these Brands: Stella MCCARTNEY, EDUNE, Tome, Eileen Fisher, G-STAR Raw. Also, it depends on how the strategy of the Brand is described including the mission, the vision and the values.

For most of known luxurious brands, they highlight la 'Haute couture' rather than 'sustainability'. Also, you might find  'corporate responsibility 'in the menu. I guess it is not enough. Nowadays, things are changing hoping that the luxurious fashion brands would highlight  'sustainability ' and  'Haute couture'.

'' There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger & unhappiness ''.  -Gandhi 


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How To Build a Sustainable Fashion Brand Strategy With Values?

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Outfits, looks and styles; we love that. Who behind these designs? Who are the workers behind this brand that we love? Who are the creators who designed this item that we expose to the world? It is an item that makes us warm, expressing ourselves, being confident, going for a date, or attending an event etc in order to feel good. It is simply a feeling that we tend to satisfy. Though, are the workers satisfied? Is our planet satisfied?

A bunch of questions, interactions which sustainability covers ; before all these outfits, looks, and styles there is a strategy, a business idea, a passion, a talent. However, if we combine talent, passion and responsibility we would think about a sustainable strategy before the creation of outfits, looks and styles.

What is a sustainable strategy? It is simply to express your passion responsibly. You would think about all along the process from the conception to the creation. It is a responsible road which leads to a responsible strategy.

For designers who are adopting these methods they think about all along the process. It starts from conception to market launch. The concept is simple; it is often mentioned on websites that a business has values which its commits to in the execution plan if they are sustainably committed.

For instance, let’s say a luxury fashion brand would commit to social corporate responsibility as a value will help them to put actions according to that. Fair trade which fair prices are paid to the producers; workers have great conditions at work place. Empowering women, women develop skills in suing if they have lack of education, charity and so on.

First of all, building strong values could help the right path to sustainability. The success of a sustainable strategy may therefore be measured in terms of its degree of its responsibility. It is all about responsibility.

These are the following values examples that could be adopted in order to measure the degree of responsibility:

• Corporate social responsibility ;

• Responsible innovation (is a large concept, but it could be a value. It is defined by the European Commission as a transparent and interactive process by means of which social actors and innovators must interact and work together in line with given opportunities, to ensure that societal ethical stakes are preserved ) ;

• Commitment ;

• Ethical ;

• Eco-Friendly ;

• Transparency;


Moreover, an adequate understanding of these values is building in general a sustainable strategy. Thus, a deep understanding of which value corresponding for a specific fashion brand might be interesting.

There are too many that the brand could commit too. However, these examples depend on the condition of the brand to choose the right values corresponding with its responsibility in general.

The goal of these values is to improve sustainability, the environment and social being. Thus the value added is commitment to the path. All the actions, outfits, looks and styles will follow in the creation process.

Let’s empower ethical and commit.       


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Are You a Responsible Innovator?

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I often follow my heart when about choosing items; I look most of the time for credibility of the brand, story, and ethical values. Also, I require knowledge to differentiate so I exactly followed my heart for this article.

When you are a conscious person, you need knowledge, learning new things make us take conscious choices and you need that knowledge in order to realize the negative circumstances of our consumerism. I believe that without this knowledge we wouldn’t measure the impacts.

We usually talk about sustainability; you know that responsible innovation shares the same concept of sustainability? In order to be sustainable, it requires inclusion of stakeholders who support your idea or your brand in order to face the societal challenges. In addition to understand sustainability, an understanding of innovation environment might be interesting.

Responsible innovation is a new concept that is developed by policy makers, and scientists. It is important to identify innovation practices and processes if you are an innovator as long as a  creator is an innovator.

There are several reasons why to explore responsible innovation in the fashion industry? I found out that a designer, the creator and the innovator should know about this concept from concept to practice in order to stand out for responsiveness.

First the pollution caused by the clothing materials, with responsible innovation we could limit the pollution impacts and achieve zero waste by the tool of anticipation by which one of the strategies is to predict and to measure the possible implications of the innovation that is to be developed called anticipation.

Second, global responsible actions where the entire value chain is taken into account, the consumption of energy resources such as water and electricity.

I think the fashion industry create, innovate constantly. Thus, the inclusion of responsiveness and most importantly the consciousness and a better understanding of this concept might be vital in order to predict a better environmental future for the industry.

Though, it is a large concept and we could apply it in any context. Curiosity is one quality of an innovator make sure that you know about it. There are many books, scholars, articles related to the topic to explore it.  However, how would you know that you are a responsible innovator?

- A deep understanding of the concept and apply it to your business context ;

- An active engagement of stakeholders for the purpose which means engage with the stakeholders and the public and find out solutions for environmental challenges ;

- Discussion that lead to Decision-making. Alternate innovation possibilities with decision making strategy ;

- The most important one is responsiveness.

By this way, we could gather all the knowledge that we need to understand each concept then apply it according to its context.

‘’ Implementing a responsible innovation strategy correctly opens up new opportunities, effectively becoming a catalyst for creativity and providing major leverage to achieve innovation and performance within a responsible framework ‘’. - Xavier Pavie -Victor Scholten-Daphné Carthy

 "The more you know, the more you learn, the more you do better ‘’ .


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When You Alternate Creativity and Responsible Innovation

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I create, you create and we create in a constant way seeking for a new fashion trend, a new fashion idea. For me creativity is a concept above creating; it is a whole idea of imagination.  You imagine, you create and you innovate. Sustainability stands out for many societal challenges. Also, it is a creative process in order to create the fashion trend or idea. We often follow the new fashion trend. However, how about when we question our creativity when we innovate?

Taking into account that we live in a society concerned with social and environmental sustainability; it make sense to reproach the creativity in the slow fashion movement. Who said that sustainable is not creative?

When it is about to alternate creativity and responsible innovation, therefore, reproaching the fashion industry as long as we know that in order to require success we need a high level of creativity.

For instance, you would like to take an outfit for a creative Instagram feed. You take the first one, you might not like it. You take the second one, you might not like it. You take the third one you might not like it, three tentative in vain. It is not at the right level of your imagination. The better option would be to take too many then select the one that matches with your expectations. However, the tentative might fail.

In the context of innovation: let’s discuss the innovation of a product. It would be the first design, the second, the third at the end the last tentative that matches with your expectations, Also, the customers expectation. There are many steps in order to make that design: The material (which  Eco-friendly material selected), the style, the creative touch. So it is a whole to think about in order to make the ONE.

As a designer having all the processes in hand, by this way satisfying the need of the Eco-consumer is relevant.  Therefore, not only it exceeds the needs but also it makes the difference.

How you get there?

First: Knowing about the concept of responsible innovation and apply it in your creative context.

Second: Creativity, talent and passion have no limits. You stand out for the environment and you stand out for the difference.

Finally: Alternate creativity in your innovation.

I try to simplify the concept of responsible innovation for you in order to achieve your higher potential in the slow fashion movement. It is obvious above your talent; you need to make it as a whole package of learning, knowledge in order to alternate your creativity with responsibility.


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Why Ethical is Empowering Women?

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The discussion about ethical in a society with a large number of challenges has a relationship between different causes. However, sustainability could stand out for many reasons such as: social, environmental and economical. As long as we are responsible, we might ask the question. Who is responsible for what, how and where? We could be responsible for the future of many women that have lack of education, or they are facing sexual harassment, sexual discrimination and other discrimination. Empower women behind ethical. I love the idea and I always loved it. Therefore, combining ethical and empowering women; what an amazing opportunity to offer women the right of growth and independence.

I started  'Fleur Éthique' toward this mission to empower women and to express my ethical style, I simply felt that a voice inside of me should be heard, inspire and empower women. There are many ways that leads to the path:

Ethical for me, is that beyond the materials and the fabrics there are conditions of employees which have to be paid and well treated. This could be a way to empower women who don’t have access to equal education. Most of women choose working in worst conditions, in a horrible environment just to gain their day. At the end of the story, they are not well paid. Instead of unhappiness and hunger at least, we could offer women good environment conditions, well paid, education. Also, it could be an opportunity to overcome poverty.

Behind our luxury clothes, nice looks and styles. Who knows that the woman who made your piece of clothing facing all kind of discrimination? Let’s not imagine the situation and be positive in order to make the change.

On the other hand, there is another way to express women empowerment is the vision of the brand. The brand could communicate women confidence, courage, achieving the same capabilities, and many more ideas. The only thing left is the initiative. There are many brands that are already on the right path such as:


Not only brands, but also bloggers, NGO’s, communities, movements etc but everyone could contribute in order to empower the woman, the one that made your clothes.

I was really impressed by the stories of these brands; I wish if all the brands will walk on the right path and aspire for humanity with style. It doesn’t matter if it costs money, what really matter that it does not cost a life.

 ‘’ Beyond the style there is a human, a woman who made your clothes ‘’.


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