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Fashion Hysteria: 7 Fashion Tips And Tricks To Help You Look More Stylish

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Fashion trends are changing from time to time. Some say that fashion is all about dressing what's trending. A smart dresser or a fashionista is always seeking for what's new in the fashion industry, and this kind of habit makes a fashionista stylish.

It is a trait for most of the fashionistas to buy clothes and never wore it. You buy clothes to wear it, not to hold on it and stuck it on your wardrobe. Looking stylish isn't just about wearing expensive clothes or wearing the most popular and trendy dresses.

Sometimes, wearing a simple sunglasses would already make you more fashionable. So here are some tips and tricks to help you become stylish.

Wear At Least One Accessory

It's like going to school without bringing a pen, that's why accessories are a part of an outfit. It gives you a satisfying feeling and can make your clothing astonishing. Most women wear false eyelashes or eyelash extensions.

It is one of the most common and convenient accessories women wear to enhance their beauty. So, how long do eyelash extensions last? This kind of accessory lasts for almost eight weeks or two months.

Roll Up Your Sleeve

Rolling up the sleeves when wearing a button-up shirt can make a fashionable style to your clothing. It can add comfort and composure to your shirt. It looks good with long denim sleeves and dark coloured long sleeves.

Wear the Opposite Foot Wear

Whatever outfit you want to wear, choose the opposite style of shoes. For example, exchange high heels to flat booties, sandals to sneakers and sneaker to heels. The more it doesn't feel right, the more it fits.

Don’t Keep Or Buy Clothing that Doesn’t Fit

It is not right to cling on to items that no longer fit you. It's also not essential to buy clothes that don't fit your size for the reason that it is on sale or just hoping that one day you will be able to wear it.

Holding on to items that don't fit you anymore is the worst thing for your wardrobe. The best way to get rid of it is to put it on sale and buy another set of clothes that best suits you.

Go For Heels!

Heels heighten your look literally. It can boost your confidence physically and mentally. You are not obliged to wear heels every day, but including them in your collection can undoubtedly give you a lot of stylish benefits.

Wear Leather Jacket

It doesn't matter if you're wearing jeans, gown, or gym clothing. A black leather jacket or any good motorcycle jacket improves every outfit. Wearing a leather jacket is always a classic choice, it may not be a must but, leather jackets can be an excellent pair of most stylish clothing.

Be Confident

The most important trick to becoming stylish is to be confident in all aspects. The truth is, looking stylish comes down to being confident.  If you walk the streets wearing one of your elegant clothing with confidence, people will have to look at you and agree that the clothes you wear are suitable for you.


Wanting stylish clothing doesn't require you to spend much effort and money. You can wear anything you want effortlessly.  No matter what you're wearing, if you're confident and happy, you'll always look better inside and out.

These are just seven of the many tips and tricks to become stylish. If you want to become one, you can start slowly by getting rid of the clothes that you don't want anymore.  

4 Quick Dance Studio Tips

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Imagine, if you will, the following scenario. You’re running a dance studio, but you’re just starting out and the prospect of being “in charge” is unfamiliar territory. You understand that the job comes with challenges, emotional demands, and more than its fair share of the unexpected. During a brief and welcome respite, you ask yourself, “what are a few things I can do to make sure things operate more smoothly?”

It’s a fair question. You don’t just want your studio to tread water — you want it to thrive. Just getting by isn’t the ideal scenario for most, and while there are few (if any) surefire plans that will ensure longevity for a business, there are some tips applicable to the art of operating a dance studio that can help maximize your chances. I’d like to share a few of my favorites with you today.

Tip 1: Build Your Team

A great studio starts with a great team. Your first inclination will probably be to try and staff yours with the best members available. It’s not a bad first step, and there are plenty of tip guides available for hiring right, which put the benefits of extensive screening and stringent recruitment front and center:

“Hiring the right employee enhances your work culture and pays you back a thousand times over in high employee morale, positive forward thinking planning, and accomplishing challenging goals.”

Putting out the call for applicants in the traditional manner is a good start, but not always feasible when there’s a small hiring pool around or if your job ads just aren’t getting any traction. When such a situation arises, though, there’s a solid “Plan B” you can fall back on.

Tapping into your local network of dancers can help tip the scales when it comes to hiring trustworthy talent. Invite some talented guest dancers to help you teach classes, and, through word of mouth, attract others to come to the studio. Be sociable, and you may stumble across some leads that will prove fruitful in your search.

Then there’s your own internal network you can tap. Students who have risen through the ranks may show enough leadership to take the reins on a class or two of their own, so start grooming them to do so early.

Building cohesion amongst your dancers can help in this regard (and a distinct outfit, like customized leggings create a uniform look for the team, can help them forge a deeper connection with your studio). Remember to look to all available outlets when building your team to ensure you get the best and brightest watching your back.

Tip 2: Learn To Navigate Conflict

Like any environment with more than a few individuals present, there will be situations that require some measure of conflict resolution. There will be potential for disruptions between faculty, problem students, and even problem parents from time to time.

It might stem from unrealistic expectations. In some cases, faculty may have some friction between their personalities. In other cases, parents might not have a grasp on the way things are supposed to operate. They might have a contention to every policy, every decision. They might spend an inordinate amount of time questioning everything about your staff and studio.

It can be difficult to handle, but the best approach is to be decisive. You have your guidelines and you know how your studio is supposed to be run. It might be a good idea to brush up on some conflict resolution skills. You might also want to look into some of the best ways to deal with parents who are a bit unruly.

Tip 3: Dedicate Time To The Business

Your passion might be dancing, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore the business side of your operation. You’ll have to put some time into promoting yourself. Every industry is competitive, even when it comes to dance studios. Marketing yourself will be part parcel in your quest to make sure everything goes smoothly.

In a way, you’ve probably already got some buzz going through word of mouth. You can capitalize on this further by making use of online marketing avenues, such as social media and the like. It might feel like a tricky landscape to enter at first, but if you study the fundamentals, you’ll be able to take control of getting your name out to the masses in no time.

Tip 4: Stay Flexible

Last, but not least, you should remember that throughout it all, you’ve still got to make time for yourself. Putting in the hours necessary to build your studio and make it flourish is essential, but, you won’t be quite as effective if you don’t prioritize recharging yourself as well. When possible, get in the habit of taking a day off at regular intervals. Excite some of your interests outside of dancing, and return ready to tackle your next challenge.

6 Items Every Dancer Needs In Her Bag

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Ask any dancer and they will tell you, there are certain pieces of clothing that every dancer needs at some point. Dancers wear their gear to practice and they all serve a function that is important. When a dancer performs on stage, her clothing, hair, and performance must be flawless. With this in mind, it is easy to see that dance gear is critically important and not something to be taken lightly.

If you are a dancer or the parent of a dancer, you need to know what essentials are always needed. We have compiled a list of the top 6 items every dancer needs and all of them you can find at

  • Tights

Tights are probably the most used and most needed item in the dance bag. Tights keep the dancer compressed, warm, and sleek. They support the dancer and help her with her physique. Tights are worn during practice and rehearsal. When the performance moves to the stage, the lights are unforgiving. Tights give the dancer the flawless look that is required. Uneven skin tone on the legs, a scrape or a bruise is not acceptable in the arts. The tights must be pristine, without runs or stains.

  • Leotard

The leotard is dancewear the hugs the body and caresses the dancer. They allow the dancer to move freely and modestly. The one-piece outfit comes in an array of colors, necklines, and sleeves. Every dancer should have a leotard with them at all times.

  • Jazz pants

For many years the dancer stuck with the tried and true leggings for warmth while dancing. But today’s dancer could live in Jazz pants. They are comfortable and thicker so they are not as sheer. They are worn for all types and even for workouts. Many yoga dancers reach for the Jazz pants as part of their routine.

  • Wrap skirt

Even if you do not study ballet, you will feel like a ballerina when you wear a wrap skirt. They are chiffon and flow easily in the air around the dancer. When a dancer wants to concentrate on her moves while reinforcing her grace and femininity, she wears the wrap skirt. It never lets her down.

  • Ballerina slippers

Again, you do not have to be a ballerina to enjoy wearing these classic shoes, They are sinfully comfortable and offer superb grip and control. You will want to wear them everywhere, but your instructor will still insist they are never worn outside the dance studio.

  • Sports bras and Spanx

If you have never worn Spanx, you might not understand the pull these undergarments have on a dancer. The tight fit keeps the dancer from showing more skin than intended. The sports bra provides support and allows the dancer to move without fear.

Bonus tip:

It may not be a need, but you will find a dance costume in most dancers bags. They are fun and worn sometimes to boost dancer’s confidence. There are many dance costumes and every dancer deserves at least one. So select your best dance costume and show your stuff.

Fresh-Healthy Business: Ideas You’ll Need for Launching Your Organic Food Store

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Setting up your organic food production business can end up in a challenging, but highly satisfying career. If you want to succeed, you should develop a product that will attract more customers, and you also have to learn how to sell them efficiently.

Also, there are daily production demands plus, trying to find the freshest ingredients, best quality at bulk prices that you can afford, all of which you need to resolve and handle accordingly.

Thus, to help you established your dream organic food store, here are some of the essential tips you may need to start on the right footing.

Pick Your Products

Decide what product exactly you want to market. List down all your goals, such as promoting or developing your organic product.

When you are still unsure of what particular product you want to produce and sell, you can read case studies of some businesses who already have succeeded in the green food industry you find most interesting.

Look for a Partner

Further, build a network of distributors in the organic food industry, which will require proper researching of distributors. Also, their credit, delivery terms, as well as their pricing. Plus, assure that the supplier meets the standards for the manufacturing and handling of foods products labeled as organic.

Since you are new to the industry, suppliers may decide not to extend the credit of trade to you which means you need enough capital to make significant purchases for your stocks until your store can build credit with some of your suppliers

Location is Necessary

Looking for a place for your store is probably the longest and the most crucial step in the process. Choosing an excellent location for your organic food store may take a few months.

The area of your store performs a huge role in your success. Thus, substantial features for a store location may include high-level commercial development, local community support, the size of the population and other favorable demographics.

Prepare the Licences

Study the permits and licenses you will need to start your organic product business. You may need to acquire organic certification from your country.

Plus, you will need business licenses from your municipality, also the food processor's permit since you will be making food products. Also, register as an employer within your place and with the government if you're going to hire employees.

Have a Favorable Price

Establishing your prices too low can bring customers in volume, but it still can't be enough to reach your variable and fixed costs.

On the other hand, if you'll set your prices too high, you may discourage those price-conscious customers. Thus, you have to adjust your rates until you get the points of optimal pricing for your commodities.

Market Products Accordingly

Local promotion, advertising, and establishing the positive word of mouth are some of the ways to gather customers to your store. Indeed, each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

You can do trial and error so you can measure the success of different promotional plans. Consider a blog site, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to help you draw customers, primarily if you provide useful information to your target market or readers, so fix your marketing strategy properly.

Attend Organic Conventions

No matter if you're simply attending or exhibiting your product, trade conventions is another way to get significant exposure, so your target market will know more about your product.

Further, trade shows let you meet new people, give you connections, and they can offer you some excellent resources since they have workshops and classes that you can take.


Starting any restaurant will be risky, also have so many odds like in the organic food businesses. But if you remain courageous, follow those tips above for a high chance of being successful in your line of business. It’s also beneficial to consult with credible financial firms such as Ashe Morgan to help you guide your way through financial decisions with regards to your business.

Ecological Patterns: Leading Brands That Creates Eco-Friendly Fashion Bags

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Ethically designed bags have come far since their simple beginnings. From stained vegetable leathers to organic and recycled materials, designers have raised the level of form, function, and style when it comes to bags.

If you wish to know more about eco-friendly bags, this article will give you a list of sought-after brands in the field of the sustainable fashion bags.

Matt & Natt

Matt & Nat is living by the simple motto, “Live beautifully,” which means appreciating the creativity, positivity, and humanity. The brand finds its inspiration from the hues and textures of nature and making a consistent improvement to keep their commitment to not use any animal-based resources in any of their products.

Further, Matt & Nat practiced using materials made of 100% recycled plastic bottles and had experimented various forms of upcycled materials over the years, such as rubber, nylon, cardboard, and cork. Currently, the brand has recycled rubber bicycle tires to be used in their compilation.

Moreover, Matt & Nat is gradually expanding all over the globe and is now available in selected shops across the United States, Canada, the UK, Germany, Australia, and Japan, as well as in some online stores.

Purple Mango

Purple Mango is bringing the Brazilian sustainable fashion accessories to international market. This brand is the chic retailer of the ethical clutch bag created from old VHS tapes that illustrates world-class quality and design while working on the problem of waste management.

This brand deserves a massive round of applause for its outstanding sustainable concept.


Now, let's take a glance at this Californian based brand. Kayu was born out of the desire to preserve and cultivate traditional techniques of Southeast Asia. Currently, Kayu collaborates with the artisans in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines, and is now providing jobs to many people.

Further, Kayu doesn't manufacture their products in cruel factories where items are mass-fabricated but instead, runs in smaller groups of mothers, sisters, daughters, and even grandmothers, giving a genuine feeling of a family to the brand.

To emphasize, Kayu is entirely vegan-friendly and sustainable. All of their creations are from natural materials like shell, wood, and straw. Since the brand’s designs are handmade, their creations come in limited quantities, making them unique and exceptional.


A collection of accessories, homewares, and clothing, Mayamiko which is ethically made in Malawi, combines traditional African techniques and modern design.

The contemporary looks come in bold and stylish printed African cotton, locally known as the chitenge, can attract anyone in the fashion community. Plus, other unique materials from nearby African countries are also incorporated in their collections.

Moreover, the brand offers yoga-inspired accessories, beautiful hand-dyed batiks, and a fully recycled capsule of a collection called the Rebirth.

Rags 2 Riches

A proud product of the Philippines, this brand is empowering designer communities. Rags 2 Riches also unites eco-conscious, human-centered, and collaborative, designs which pour in the genuine human spirit in each product.

They're collaborating with local designers all over the country to make an eco-ethical fashion and various home accessories out of recycled cloth, overstock, and some indigenous resources.


Uniquely, Issara introduces the substance and quality into its products. Superb materials like leather complement its excellent list of master designers.

Its lines of the classy duffle, totes, overnighters, messenger bags and other accessories come from the highest grade, full-grain leather that keeps its maximum strength and unusual natural features, making it more smooth and durable.


We already know that looking for a bag that’s both functional and beautiful can be tough. But searching for a bag created in a method that’s kind to people as well as the environment can be immensely harder.

However, there are stores in the web like Luggage Online and other various sites where you can shop such items, so worry less, those mentioned brands above are indeed highlighting the ethics and the looks to satisfy your wardrobe.

Transpire Ethical Home: Go Green With Your Furniture Using These Approach

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You deeply care about our environment, thoughtfully practice the value of sustainability and considering the budget-friendly feature to all things. Plus, you may already do your role to follow an eco-friendly lifestyle, whether it means of taking a shorter shower to save water, biking going to the office rather than driving, or using and recycling energy saving bulbs.

But, as you're mastering these steps toward a greener lifestyle, you probably want to do more such as applying green practices to your entire home, particularly in your furniture.

Here, you'll find tips on making an eco-friendly home, which will end up in a more long-lasting investment, defend your health and of our planet as well, and a chance to create a high social impact while offering luxury and pleasing designs.

Cast the Furniture’s Durability

The green and eco-friendly furniture are the ones which warehouses are away from the landfills. Thus, there’s something to be spoken about investing in a high-quality furniture piece that is built to last.

For example, think about your grandparents’ dining sets that are probably still durable even for generations. Hence, by buying less and spending a little more money on high-quality furniture will save you and the environment as well in the long run.

Opt for Products with Recycled Materials

Recycling materials may require less preparation, and unlike in producing new materials, it only needs fewer resources. Purchasing products that are from recycled materials help to promote the market for the recycled resources.

Also, being aware of what “recyclable” actually means is essential. Thus, look for products with the certification from Cradle to Cradle, and avoid those "monstrous hybrid" products, since they are prone to recycling inappropriately.

Love those Pre-owned

Have this one to consider; try to acquire used furniture from different thrift shops, or at any garage sale. Buying secondhand furniture means that you won’t use any new materials by acquiring a lightly used item, though you may use a few resources to give it a new look.

Further, purchasing pre-owned furniture also prevents those large pieces from being dumped in landfills, where they will undoubtedly end up if their owners won't find them a new home.

Go with Bamboo

Another tip towards buying eco-friendly furniture, consider choosing furnishings made up of bamboo materials. For one thing, bamboo is a much sustainable material, durable, and it also grows fast.

Further, it’s an incredibly flexible material, while it can be applied to flooring, it can be into modern furniture as well. However, there are some things you should be aware of bamboo trees. For instance, bamboo furniture is held together by glue that contains toxic and harsh chemicals.

Though bamboo is abundant in China with lesser chemicals, cropping of bamboo uses a ton of water and can usually suck up all the nutrients from the soil.

Say No to Flame Retardants

Instead of off-gassing like the other chemicals, flame retardants usually fall out on cushioning. In detail, flame retardants are powders, which can get mixed with dust throughout the house.

Though flame retardants are designed to keep you safe, there isn’t enough proof of them making anything rather than releasing harmful fumes while your sofa burns.

To point out, avoid those products that are made out of foam, instead choose natural latex, wool, or cotton down. Further, you can also ask the manufacturer to find out if they're using any flame retardants.


Going green is greatly essential to most households in this generation. It can also create an impact regarding environmental issues and the increasing threat of global warming. Overall, whether you want to purchase new furnishings for your home, or you want to contribute reducing the further destruction of our environment, consider buying ethical furniture. By browsing internet sites such as Black Mango and other furniture shops, you can have the variety and choices according to your preference.

Electric-Intensive No More: Applying Solar Technology for Your Home Project

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Whether you desire to brighten up your house, water your garden, or gas up your family car, applying energy is truly a must.

The energy you spend decides the bills you need to pay monthly. If you are similar to most homeowners, you have probably thought of ways on how to reduce your utility charges.

One method to do so is through utilizing solar technology. This approach helps you answer your concerns simultaneously such as lowering your energy expenses and reducing your reliance on fossil fuels. Several solar home upgrades are manageable and do not need major modifications. Here are some of the ways you can try.

Making Use of Outdoor Solar Lights

During the warm season, people tend to spend lots of time outside entertaining or relaxing. Usually, these events likely extend until evening. If you desire to keep on partying without worrying about your bills, then it is best to employ solar lighting.

You can lighten up your porch, deck, patio, and footpath and design a unique atmosphere. Setting up solar lights is not complicated, and you can switch the fixtures if you are not too interested in their designs. Solar lights are available in a variety of designs, and you can use them anywhere.

Establishing a Solar Room

If you're an expert in do-it-yourself projects, then you can make a solar room at a reasonable price.

The best point about having a solar room is that it does not need electrical wiring or plumbing and you do not need to comply with all of the requirements of the indoor building regulations. However, before you pick a design, it is best to find a suitable spot for the room because this will rely on the setting you desire to build.

If you like to utilize your solar room like a greenhouse, then you can place it next to your kitchen. If you want to utilize it as your sunroom, then it is best to place it next to the living room family room.

Great adversaries for sunrooms include porches and patios with necessary support structures and fine flooring. When establishing your solar room, utilize the current walls on the western and eastern side as both are insulated. Next, glaze the walls facing south as well as the roof to lessen the loss of heat and to make the best use of solar gain.

Set Up a Solar Power System (Photovoltaic System)

If tiny home improvements are not producing the preferred long-term gains, opt for installing solar panels in GStore. Solars have been used to provide energy for homes for several years. Solar technology uses photovoltaic cells to collect the sun’s energy.

The cells don't need continuous sunlight to operate and can produce power even on cloudy days. Solars converts the sun's heat into energy you can utilize to operate household lighting and appliances. Solar technology not only help you save money, but they can also help you to earn funds.


Whether or not a solar technology makes good sense for you, it is a great time to weigh your options. Solar technology is one of the solid investments you can use for improving your home. It helps contribute to a better, healthier, and sustainable environment.

As energy rates continue to rise and electricity bills ascend, more household owners are installing solar to protect themselves against the costly regular payments. Take pleasure of your days and add value to your home. As there are some solar home improvements you can try, these are ideal for summertime.

Solar technology will provide everyone something to do and will not consume lots of your time. Select the ones that are perfect for your home setting, and soon your place will be the most energy-efficient home in the neighborhood.

Green is Good: 5 Tips on How to Start Your Organic Clothing Line

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With a forwarding eco-friendly global community, organic clothing provides people with a chance to create an impact on an exclusive level. To demonstrate, natural cotton is responsible for producing almost all organic apparel, as well as soy and hemp, making organic clothing a staple to every possible clothing variety.

Those with enthusiasm for clothing and a passion for protecting the world can find inspiration, joy, as well as profit by establishing an organic clothing industry. Hence, here are the important tips when setting up your organic clothing business.

Plan Like a Pro

The first thing you have to consider what being sustainable means and determine how this concept can work for your label. Accordingly, put your imagination for your organic clothing line on paper. Also, define all your objectives and goals by doing a business plan and study the trends and profits of the industry.

Next, provide information about your business, including the statement of mission and vision, the name of your business, as well as the organizational structure. Then, provide comprehensive marketing plans along with the information regarding your target market. Lastly, determine the potential profits and illustrate performance possibilities with financial statements.

Explore and Analyze

Looking for your perfect material is quite challenging if you are limited to only ethical and sustainably and made sources. However, there are a few eco-friendly fabric options that are quite popular in organic and ethical brands. Organic fabrics have a lesser impact on the environment than synthetic materials.

The cropping of organic cotton use quite less water than those of conventional cotton and are free from chemicals and pesticides that are harmful to consumers, farmers, and the whole environmental lives. Other than organic cotton, some sought-after natural materials include Tencel, bamboo linen, also the deadstock and recycled fabrics.

Also, using fabric made out of recycled materials consumes lesser energy than manufacturing an entirely new fabric.  What's more, surplus or deadstock fabrics are leftover from factories, mills, or big companies, and then resold at more affordable prices instead of being thrown into the garbage.

Thus, do research and communicate to some reputable suppliers and request few samples for you to review. After you have compared several suppliers, gathered plenty of options and chosen your fabrics, you can now develop your design.

Get Your Concepts Real

Before jumping into the designing process, you have to establish your brand identity. As mentioned earlier, study your target market and identify your ideal customers. Also, you have to be concise in strengthening your product vision by creating a brand message, mood board, and a written review of your target market for your reference.

Now, you should work on making your design concepts into a tangible and actual product. Draw clear design outlines, and hire someone to help you with the pattern and sample making if needed.

Remember that this step may require some stages of tweaking until you can have your ideal garment pattern and figure that you can introduce to a factory. At this moment, you also need to have your technical sheet ready. Technical sheets play crucial details of construction to let factories produce your designs easily.

Don’t Go Alone

After your tech sheets and product samples are ready, now is the time to look for a production partner. Remember that when looking for a prospective partner, present these including the exact amount of products you want to produce.

Indeed, it's essential to be prepared with all of these details to make sure that you aren’t viewed as an amateur since factories won't hold your hand throughout the process. Consider also to get some costing quotes from a few alternatives and compare the pricing. Moreover, determine the lead times of the factory and set a production itinerary that works for you.

Time to Launch and Promote

After you have done the process above, it's the time for you to do the promotion. However, promoting a product doesn't seem to be easy as it seems. Understand that the promotion tool in the marketing mix plays a lot of communication which covers all image-forming and sales-promoting measures.

This step is vital in implementing an organic and ethical brand. Thus, communicate with your target market through the use of social media, since it is the most influential means of marketing nowadays. Also, try to display your products online like Deal Wiki and other online sites to have a wider reach of customers.


The word "organic" is spreading around like wildfire in the past years Though it's commonly used to describe foods, it now transitioned to our clothing too. If you're a fashion enthusiast and a nature-lover as well, think of creating your sustainable and organic brand.

But remember that when starting your organic clothing brand, you need to go more than a good sense of style. You also need to know the game in business as well as the capability to create organic garments.