I often follow my heart when about choosing items; I look most of the time for credibility of the brand, story, and ethical values. Also, I require knowledge to differentiate so I exactly followed my heart for this article.

When you are a conscious person, you need knowledge, learning new things make us take conscious choices and you need that knowledge in order to realize the negative circumstances of our consumerism. I believe that without this knowledge we wouldn’t measure the impacts.

We usually talk about sustainability; you know that responsible innovation shares the same concept of sustainability? In order to be sustainable, it requires inclusion of stakeholders who support your idea or your brand in order to face the societal challenges. In addition to understand sustainability, an understanding of innovation environment might be interesting.

Responsible innovation is a new concept that is developed by policy makers, and scientists. It is important to identify innovation practices and processes if you are an innovator as long as a  creator is an innovator.

There are several reasons why to explore responsible innovation in the fashion industry? I found out that a designer, the creator and the innovator should know about this concept from concept to practice in order to stand out for responsiveness.

First the pollution caused by the clothing materials, with responsible innovation we could limit the pollution impacts and achieve zero waste by the tool of anticipation by which one of the strategies is to predict and to measure the possible implications of the innovation that is to be developed called anticipation.

Second, global responsible actions where the entire value chain is taken into account, the consumption of energy resources such as water and electricity.

I think the fashion industry create, innovate constantly. Thus, the inclusion of responsiveness and most importantly the consciousness and a better understanding of this concept might be vital in order to predict a better environmental future for the industry.

Though, it is a large concept and we could apply it in any context. Curiosity is one quality of an innovator make sure that you know about it. There are many books, scholars, articles related to the topic to explore it.  However, how would you know that you are a responsible innovator?

- A deep understanding of the concept and apply it to your business context ;

- An active engagement of stakeholders for the purpose which means engage with the stakeholders and the public and find out solutions for environmental challenges ;

- Discussion that lead to Decision-making. Alternate innovation possibilities with decision making strategy ;

- The most important one is responsiveness.

By this way, we could gather all the knowledge that we need to understand each concept then apply it according to its context.

‘’ Implementing a responsible innovation strategy correctly opens up new opportunities, effectively becoming a catalyst for creativity and providing major leverage to achieve innovation and performance within a responsible framework ‘’. - Xavier Pavie -Victor Scholten-Daphné Carthy

 "The more you know, the more you learn, the more you do better ‘’ .


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