Are Billboard Prices Worth The Return Of Investment

Billboards offer a ton of benefits. Like with any form of marketing it’s always important to weigh risk versus reward when it comes to how you spend your marketing dollars. Whether you're looking to use billboards for a product launch, upcoming campaign, or brand awareness penetration. Everything comes down to your return on investment. In this article, we will discuss billboard prices and what you can expect when it comes to ROI on this form of advertising. 

Maybe you have looked on your way to work at billboards and wondered if they are still effective?  Like many managers or business owners, you have probably already thought about utilizing outside media advertising but aren't certain if billboards can supply a nice return on investment.  The fantastic news is that yes--even in this era of digital marketing, billboards are still quite effective additions to your promotional and advertising approaches in 2020 and beyond. Your advertising dollar can go a very long way together with billboard advertisements and other types of media advertising.


Studies show that Americans spend approximately 20 hours in their automobiles, per week, either as drivers or passengers.  Some people--particularly those with long commutes that are daily -- invest an even larger chunk of their time inside their cars than watching TV or reading magazines.  This indicates that billboard ads deliver immense advertising opportunities. When you consider digital billboard promotion that lets you take your potential advantage even further when you think of the number of hours that your potential clients spend behind the wheel.


A recent Arbitron study conducted shows that billboard and digital billboard advertising stays powerful, as 71 percent of customers frequently look at roadside billboards.  What's more, 56 percent of respondents say they talk about intriguing or funny billboards to family and friends. The majority of consumers assert that--at one point or another--they learned about event or a product they afterwards patronized through a billboard.


Billboards are difficult to miss but more than that they also prompt action to be taken by customers.  As many as 72 percent of audiences shop on their way home. Shopping decisions are made by A whopping 68 percent of consumers in general during their driving journey, which explains why billboard advertisements are used by successful marketers .  Some 32% of drivers took a journey to a store, restaurant, or company they saw advertised during the week on a billboard.


For your billboard campaign to be a success, you have to create a strategic, clever, and engaging effort that gets detected, although the statistics talked about above are reassuring.  Simple designs with easy to read messages tend to showcase advertisements that are better than cluttered. For best results, seek the support of a company which specializes in planning, executing, and managing premium billboard campaigns.   They can help make sure that your campaign is a success, whether you're launching locally or nationally.


Once you have had a chance to take a look at and analyze many factors of your campaign such as format, circulation, demographics, impressions, visibility, location, design, and construction which all impact the cost of billboard ads, it will be clear for you to see that there's never one set cost that will hover over an effective billboard or billboard campaign. On the other hand, when examining the differences between physical static and digital billboards, it's easy to point out that with all the various options available to you that you clearly see some type of return on investment in one way, shape, or form.  


The good news is that when it comes to billboard ads that this advertising medium can work with almost any budget and when combined with your other marketing campaigns can deliver great success. 


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