A Guide To Shopping For Sustainable Jewellery

Jewellery accessories are a fantastic way to show off your unique style and turn an average day-to-day outfit into something a little more special. But, the jewellery you choose to buy and wear on a daily basis has a long-term effect on the earth, as well as the lives of the people who make it. 


Whilst ethical and sustainable jewellery might be more expensive in the short term, in the long term, your jewellery choices have a profound impact on the way an industry can evolve and change, particularly in an industry, such as the jewellery industry, that is known for unethical practices including diamond mining, water polluting etc. 


By choosing to invest in ethical and sustainable jewellery, you’re choosing to buy jewellery that will last longer and which will have less of an impact on the environment. Let’s have a look at a quick guide to shopping for sustainable jewellery pieces.


Go For Gold

Or white gold. Or Sterling Silver. Anything as long as it is real and good quality. When buying jewellery, you should be looking to buy pieces that are made of good, quality materials anyway, but if you’re looking to buy more sustainable pieces, then choosing solid metal as opposed to jewellery that is plated will not only ensure that the jewellery will last longer, but that it will also retain its value in the future. Solid gold jewellery, or real sterling silver or platinum jewellery, will always have some value and, in the future, you can always consider melting down the raw material to create something unique and new. 


Local Designers

If you want to make more sustainable jewellery choices, then one of the best and easiest ways to start is to stop buying from big companies that mass produce their jewellery pieces and, instead, look to find local jewellery suppliers. 


Often, by shopping with local suppliers, you can ensure that the materials used are sustainable and most will be happy the provide the source of the materials. Many local jewellery designers, in addition to being jewellery designers, will have other talents and interests to add to their designs and, with local designers being so passionate about their craft, you’ll also get to learn more about the history and inspiration behind the jewellery designs. 


Learn About The Practices Behind Ethical Jewellery

There are many reasons as to why jewellery production may not be ethical and there are many practices involved which can contribute to things such as pollution, poor working practices and over-mining. 


For example, mass-produced diamond jewellery may contribute to over-mining in certain areas around the world. As a result, diamond mining can have huge impacts on ecosystems, with some extreme cases seeing diamond miners re-routing natural rivers, polluting waterways and causing disastrous effects on fish and local wildlife. 


If you want to start making more ethical jewellery choices, then look to choose brands or pieces that use sustainably sourced diamonds or lab-grown diamonds instead. For modern jewellery pieces, a lot of contemporary jewellery brands are now using sustainable diamonds and gemstones in their designs.