3 Things To Consider When Cleaning Out Your Wardrobe Sustainably

It is great to give your wardrobe a good clean out every now and again, as it helps you to keep everything organised and you can find old gems you forgot you had. However, many people simply throw away any clothes they no longer want, which is one of the worst possible things you can do for the environment. So, we are here with 3 things you should consider to help make the process as sustainable as possible!

Sell What You Can

Our first tip is to sell what you can! If there are items you have fallen out of love with, don’t fit very well or don’t make you feel very confident, then sell them. You can do this on local marketplaces, or online using apps like Depop and Vinted, who will take a small cut of your profit. You might think that someone wouldn’t be interested in buying a particular piece of clothing, but you’d really be surprised at what people are looking for and are willing to buy! 

You can then use any of your profits to buy more clothing in a sustainable way, whether that’s going thrift shopping, going to charity shops, buying from sustainable brands or buying second hand. Just make sure that you don’t support fast fashion companies with your purchases. 

Donate What You Can

You should also donate if there are any items you are struggling to sell, or if you would simply prefer to donate, as this is another really sustainable option that also helps charity. Make sure everything is clean and in good condition, then take it down to your local charity shop where it can be bought by someone who will get really good wear out of it. 

If there are any pieces that are damaged or really worn, then you can also take it to your charity shop in a separate bag where it may be able to be sold as bits of material for seamstresses or for textile purposes! One persons trash is anothers treasure, so even if you think something might be useless, especially more expensive materials like silk or denim, then it will definitely be useful to someone else. 

Try Everything On

The most sustainable thing you can do is to keep the clothes you already have, and one way to do that more is to try everything on! You might have an idea that something looks a certain way and thats why you no longer want it, but when you actually try it on, you will be pleasantly surprised. You might try on one of your bodycon dresses and it could fit differently to how you remember, or when you try it on with different items that you’ve never styled it with before, it will look like a completely different outfit that you might fall in love with. So, once you’ve got a pile of things you’re not sure whether to keep, try them on one more time to make sure it’s definitely the right decision.