3 Reasons to Consider a White Jumpsuit for your Wedding

In the past, most people think of princess inspired ball gowns when daydreaming of what their future wedding dress will look like. However, times are changing, and fashion is evolving. A traditional white wedding gown is no longer the go-to choice when shopping for bridal attire. The white wedding dress is a classic and timeless piece of fashion that grew in popularity when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840. Since then, brides have followed the tradition of wearing a beautiful white gown down the aisle. Today is such a great time to be alive because women all over the world are breaking free from the mold of tradition and are pursuing alternative wedding dress options like a white bridal jumpsuit, but why? Sit back and keep reading because we are going to tell you 3 reasons to consider a white jumpsuit for weddings!



There is no denying the fact that a jumpsuit is more comfortable than a long dress layered with lots of tulle. Without compromising style, jumpsuits offer coverage and comfort putting a smile on any bride’s face. Wearing pants will allow you to move around freely so you will never have to worry about your dress riding up or any of the other annoyances that come with wearing an undeniably heavy wedding gown. Jumpsuits also help to make life much easier when having to run to the restroom because you can unzip your pants with ease versus needing assistance from a bestie.




No two brides are alike. Women come in many different shapes and sizes making white bridal jumpsuits a favorite due to the endless options available on the market today. Jumpsuits are extremely flattering and there is a style for everyone, but it is a good idea to know your body type to ensure you are getting the best fit for you! For an example, petite brides should consider tailored jumpsuits that are slim-fitting and cropped. Stay away from jumpsuits with too much material and stick to slimmer silhouettes that hug your small shape. A tapered hemline is a good idea because it prevents fabric from bunching at the ankles. Tall brides have more wiggle room and can opt for a jumpsuit with more fabric. A wide legged jumpsuit is a great choice because it will complement your long legs. Try a v-neckline to elongate your frame and play up your height. Bridal jumpsuits are extremely flattering and create a silhouette that is just as romantic and dramatic as a dress.




Another reason to consider a white bridal jumpsuit is because of the endless amount of options you will have when picking ‘the one’. Just like a traditional white wedding dress, bridal jumpsuits come in many different silhouettes, necklines, fabrics, styles and more. You can also take it up a notch and accessorize your white bridal jumpsuit with beautiful jewelry and or even a chic belt. Every bride has a different taste making white bridal jumpsuits a great choice due to its many options. Minimalist satin and elegant lace are the most popular options today; however, we are seeing new styles hit the market daily! 


Getting married has so many moving parts and can really be quite stressful for some. If you are a nontraditional bride looking to break from the mold of wearing a traditional gown down the aisle, then a white bridal jumpsuit may be the best option for you! Due to being comfortable, flattering and having many options, white bridal jumpsuits have climbed the ranks in popularity, and for good reason!

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